Tyrannosaurus wreck

by Tyrannosaurus Wreck

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songs about violent movies,videogames,zombies and werewolves.


released January 24, 2017

recorded by Arnie Vanbussel@ nightshift studios chch nz



all rights reserved


Tyrannosaurus Wreck Christchurch, New Zealand

tyrannosaurus is : grunger-guitar/vocals.
Formed in early 2015 christchurch n.z. Songs about violent videogames,
cult movies,and zombies in general

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Track Name: pennies from my eyes
creep into my crypt and you wont even get to see the sunrise,my decrepit bones will rise again and eat your flesh,i can smell a cowards soul,you think you can just take this from me,creep into my crypt and you wont even get the pennies from my eyes.... pennies from my eyes!!!
Track Name: battle royale
BATTLE ROYALE!!! 42 Lives,battle royale!!! only one can survive,battle royale!!! your'e running out of time,battle royale!!! i'm gonna watch you as you die!!!!!!
Track Name: Dead
Give me your car keys,i'll drive it home,you'll be here somewhere,i'll be alone. I'm in the car now-the road is blurred,my brain it stops now-it starts to hurt,the blood is gushing right from my head,the pain is brewing,i think i'm DEAD " " " i'm in a bed now,its in my head,the nurse is coming-she's corpsly red,she's something else now-she wants to fight,i can't resist her-i feel a bite,she bites through my skin,right through my clothes,the pain is gone now-and hunger grows.zombie zombies! zombie, my brain is dead " "
Track Name: Filthy pig scum
Sir,you can-not drink in here no more,time to go and rob the bottle store,go to take a shit at the bus stop,oh,shit,fuck i think thats a cop "FILTHY PIG SCUM!"
Can't walk around with a bag full of drugs,can't throw bottles at the gangster cunts,can't jump a fence and drink in someones pool,filthy pig scum you think you make the rules
Track Name: still.not.bitten
im sick of hiding in the woods,bandits just stole all my goods,i killed a dog for a can of beans,carl grimes got nothing on me-nothing on me.
some people found me close to death,please don't lock me in a shed,this wound is of another kind take a closer look this bites canine...you can lock me up but i will find a way to stitch myself up,killed that walker with this hammer,see me standing,still not bitten "" ""
Track Name: blood,bones&broken instruments
blood-bones-and broken instruments
we are the tyrannosaurus wreck
Track Name: i got drunk
don't give a shit,don't give a fuck,lets get pissed and fuck shit up,i don't give a shit , don't give a fuck,open wide skull skull skull...i got drunk!!! don't give a shit what you say,go to the pub anyway,have a pint watch the game,start a fight,rugby rugby....i got drunk!!!
Track Name: duke nukem
im duke nukem here i come,erasing all the alien scum,killing strippers just for fun,kicking ass and chewing bubblegum... im duke nukem " "
Track Name: slowly digested over 1,000 years
luke,be like your father-join us or die,luke,be like your father,luke join us or die! jabba this is your last chance,free us or die,jabba this is your last chance,jabba,free us or die! ''there's not alot to see,i grew up here ya know,, ''your'e gonna die here ya know!!!'' chewy,you walking carpet,get down there or die,chewy,get down there-chewy, i don't care what you smell... i gotta bad feeling about this, shut down all the garbage compactors on the detention level! - R-2, 3PO shut them all down!!!!
Track Name: werewolf village massacre
creeping through my - skull all these thoughts i have of you i want to eat you whole,if you wanna - know, i can smell your sleeping carcass dead heap in the snow.... i can tell you want me,i can tell you need me,i can smell your secrets , i can hear the village screaming.
creeping through your - house,all these thoughts of jealousy feasting on your spouse,i can feel your - heart, i can smell you , i can taste you, i will eat you all......
Track Name: mean metal band
we'er a mean metal band!all bark and no bite,gotta fucken racist name,stickers and a facebook page.gotta mean tshirt made,even though weve never played,wanna hear my new song?got it on my cellphone...we're metal! ohh metal...
we're a mean metal band,only got one guitar,all talk and no jam,but we can play metallica... tune guitar takes so long-pinched harmonics dont get em wrong,got the look-act so tough but dont worry son,you aint going far
Track Name: No fear (svg)